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David Foster Wallace’s, The Pale King (via versteur)

(Source: nequiquam, via versteur)

How odd, I can have all this inside me
and to you it’s just words.

Sam smith

guess it’s true I’m not good at a one night stand ,these nights never seem to go to plan .especially when you hold my hand .

This ain’t love it’s clear to me and to see but why am I so emotional .no it’s not a good look losing self control and deep down I know this will never work

I don’t know where he’s been
Well I don’t know what wer doing , I don’t know what wev done .but the fire is coming so I think we should run run run .on both sides we don’t wanna be seen oh this is suicide but you can’t see the ropes and I won’t tell my friends ,it’s better they don’t know.
I feel so juvenile
Emotions going wild
Please don’t talk about this love
The less they know the less they judge.

You by my side
We somehow delayed it
I played it so basic we fooled our crowd ,but now we burnt it and words don’t mean a thing .you don’t have to say nothin say nothin cos your eyes to the talking ,an your actions do the speaking

Don’t speak don’t speak no more cos your eyes do the talking

Can’t keep hiding can’t keep sliding down the one way road to oblivion .ive told you where my heads at (that I don’t like you but then I do) shut up pretend it’s all perfect

I look into your eyes and I don’t feel worthless but then I’m thinking if how easily you dropped me for her.i know what you want when you say it with your eyes

Mumford and sons

And like the coward I am I hang my head ,when you push the door in my face .

you lie careless your head on my chest and all these things I can’t describe ,you’d rather I didn’t try

You liar oh please don’t try explain you liar .
And you lean in for your last kiss,who in this world could ask me to resist .oh this love that I found …..I detest